Monday, January 29, 2007

....TWELVE DAYS IN CLARK COUNTY.... the corps of discovery's journey through clark county, washington

This piece was done for the the Clark County Historical Museum in celebration of the 200 year anniversary of the Lewis & Clark Expedition to the Pacific. The activity book was written by historian Barbara J. Kubik and was approved curriculum for every school district in the county. I did all the illustration and layout work. All the illustrations were thoroughly researched for historical accuracy.
The cover piece was a particular challenge as we wanted something that looked like an actual journal but could be printed in a paperback format. At first we considered Tromp l'oeil, but rejected that based on time limitations. The cover is a wrap around that was completely digitally constructed. Each element was scanned separately and then joined together in Photoshop. Even the ink blots were a separate scan. It was challenging and fun and I think the results are fabulous.

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